DeSana Middle School
625 James Road,
Alpharetta GA 30004.


Atlanta Marathi Shala is accredited with the “Georgia Accrediting Commission” for imparting foreign (Marathi) language education with Special Purpose. Atlanta Marathi Shala students who are successful in completing their BMM1 to BMM5 grades will be eligible for foreign language credit. A passing grade is required in all the levels to receive these credits.

The Georgia Credit association has the following criteria for credit distribution:

  • Students who successfully complete the BMM5 while in their regular High school are awarded 2 credits ( At least 1 year in regular High school is required)
  • Students who successfully complete the BMM5 while in regular Middle School will be awarded 1 credit.


Question: Can a student repeat the BMM5 level if he/she can be eligible for 2 credits?

Ans: Yes, Students may repeat the BMM5 level. (At least 1 year in regular High School is required to get 2 credits). Repeat students have to pay regular shala fees. If repeating the same level next year, student(s) are not required to attend the BMM exam for the current year. 

Here’s the current accreditation certificate.